We had an absolutely amazing time at Heritage Pointe for our wedding. I honestly don’t think we could’ve picked a better venue.  I am so happy and so is Rob and we have had numerous compliments from our guests that everything was perfect.
Everyone has said that the food was amazing, the venue is beautiful and the service was incredible. So I really do want to thank everybody who was involved in our day and particularly thank Amanda and Krista and Narjes for everything they did.

Catherine & Rob

We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to host our wedding at your beautiful location! The most beautiful backdrop for our wedding, along with the amazing food, drinks, and all the hardwork your staff put in to making our special day flow so well. 
We had the best time, and so did out guests! We are so happy we chose your venue for the celebration of our marriage! We will charish the amazing memories we made at Heritage Pointe Golf Club for all the years to come! 

With gratitude,

Laura & Steve

Thank you so much for hosting us. It was a wonderful time. You and your team were quick, efficient and very nice to us the whole night!
We are both so glad we chose to have our wedding at your venue. It was nothing short of spectacular and we are so grateful to have your help with setting up the place and accommodating us with anything we needed. All of the food was amazing. Please give our regards to the chef & kitchen.


Vanessa & Eric

We just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful evening. So many people commented on the great food and great service. The evening went perfectly!!!
We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your service. Thank you and have a great day!
Kelly & Carl

It is the people who make the difference! This is true. 
While arranging our wedding I checked multiple golf courses in SW area. They were all beautiful with great scenery and fancy/cozy buildings. But people... I felt unwelcome and that my wedding is just a business matter and nothing else.

That negative attitude was following me until I met Kelly Peniston at Heritage Point Golf Club. She greeted with a kind of friendliness, which helped me finally make a decision of the perfect place to get married! She did everything professionally as did the other places but whatever she was saying, explaining, planning, showing - EVERYTHING was done with a warm smile, positive attitude and reassurance that our wedding is going to be very special! Kelly's presence made my choice!

Since I made the decision, she was helping us with everything from organizing, to making choices. She really showed us she cared with her effort. She was able to accommodate us in her crazy-busy schedule and make us feel welcome every time we talked and met. Not only did she go through the entire reparation/organization steps with us, she also helped during the ceremony and celebration! 
Big thank you to Narjes Rivers for being very flexible in accommodating our needs and making many things easier and more enjoyable! 

Thank you to Jack who took us on an amazing trip to the course to take the best photos possible! 
Thank you to all the staff that helped with celebration! We really appreciate your help and amazing atmosphere you were able to create for us.
I would recommend Heritage Point Golf Course to people who are looking for beautiful place with amazing helpers and wonderful energy, which makes your day very special! 

Thank you. :-)

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you and all the staff at heritage Pointe for letting us host our wedding at your venue.  Everything you guys did was simply amazing and we couldn't have asked for more!


Thank you to you and your team for everything. The day was more amazing than I could have ever imagined and we could not have pulled it all together without your help. Everything ran so smoothly for the whole day. You went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for our day and we are so grateful for everything. I will definitely let you know once we get the pictures back and you are definitely welcome to use any of them. Thanks again Kelly.


I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you and all the staff at Heritage Pointe for letting us host our wedding at your venue. Everything you guys did was simply amazing and we couldn't have asked for more. Your help throughout the day was outstanding and we are so grateful for that, we wouldn't have gotten through the day with no hiccups if it wasn't for you Kelly. 
All the staff were super friendly and very helpful, I received so many compliments on how amazing the staff was and how accommodating everyone was as well.
The food was very delicious and everyone in the room thought the same thing, I had so many people come up to me and tell me how great the food was and it was probably the best they have ever tasted. 
Thank you so much for all the organizing you did and you were able to accommodate our vision for the day, it was truly perfect and it wouldn't have been that way if it wasn't for the staff at Heritage Pointe.
Thank you so much, again!
Kind Regards,
Alyssa & Shawn

What an absolutely lovely day. From the beginning to the very end. I cannot express to you how thankful we are that we chose Heritage Pointe for our day. You were all so fantastic to deal with, the venue is phenomenal and the food, wow. There wasn't a person in the room that didn't rave about the food. Honestly, if I could have physically had more to eat (my dress was just not letting that happen), I would have. You took such good care of us and all of our guests. As well, thank you for allowing us to come in on Sunday to get our stuff. We actually had arranged for my cousin to take linens back on Monday, but she wanted her stuff back on Sunday after all.

The photos that we were able to take on the course are going to be stunning. Probably the most beautiful backdrop I have ever seen. Even our photographers were in awe. They stopped, stared and all they could say was "wow".  This is officially the most beautiful place we have taken photos." Thank you!!! I am so glad the weather cooperated for us. Not a cloud in the sky, barely any wind and just the valley in the background. Can't ask for anything better!

Anyhow, thank you thank you thank you!!  We are SO happy and you and your team played such an important part in making our day as fantastic as it was. Once I get the photos back, I'll send you some that we took on the course.

All the best!

Coral & Steve